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Creating India's Health Ecosystem

ABHA - Ayushman Bharat Health Account

Get control of your health data and documents using WhatsApp

Benefits of
ABHA number

Unique & Trustable Identity

Establish unique identity across different healthcare providers within the healthcare ecosystem

Unified Benefits

Link all healthcare benefits ranging from public health programmes to insurance schemes to your unique ABHA number

Hassle-free Access

Avoid long lines for registration in healthcare facilities across the country

Easy PHR Sign Up

Seamless sign up for PHR (Personal Health Records) applications such as ABDM ABHA application for Health data sharing

(Ayushman Bharat Health Account) Fundamentals number

ABHA number is a 14 digit number that will uniquely identify you as a participant in India’s digital healthcare ecosystem. ABHA number will establish a strong and trustable identity for you that will be accepted by healthcare providers and payers across the country.our Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) is a hassle-free method of accessing and sharing your health records digitally. It enables your interaction with participating healthcare providers and allows you to receive your digital lab reports,prescriptions, and diagnoses seamlessly from verified healthcare professionals and health service providers.

Using ABHA (earlier known as Health ID) is the first step towards creating safer and more efficient digital health records for you and your family. You can opt-in to create a digitally secure ABHA, which allows you to access and share your health data with your consent, with participating healthcare providers and payers.